Getting the House Ready

The improvements have begun. As we prepare for the sale of our home, new plants have been planted, the leaves have been mulched, and the deck has been stained, because……three realtors are coming this week to give us suggestions and ideally, we will like one of them.
Taylor has created a death-march style schedule for cleaning out the “stuff” so that we can get ready for the first yard sale on August 1 & 2. Uggghhhhhh!!!!
These are some of the things we didn’t think about when we agreed to move to Norway!!! Oh well, too late…..

new plants

new plants

Swabbing the deckLeaves

Suggested Reading List

This is a list of books that have greatly affected the way I think about God.  I hope to add to this list regularly.

The Normal Christian Life, Watchman Nee
God’s Passion for His Glory, John Piper
The Knowledge of the Holy, A. W. Tozer