No permanent address??!!!








Periodic update on our status:

The house: Three consecutive weekends were spent cleaning/clearing/throwing away stuff from the different rooms in the house. We are on schedule for August 1-2 yard sale but we realized that we will have more stuff than we will have tables/benches to display it in for the yard sale. What to do…?

The routine: We took a break. Jo, Taylor and I drove to Florida for a break from the daily routine. We spend two nights at Fernadina Beach on Amelia Island (highly recommend it), then 3 nights in Clewiston (Taylor’s beau lives there), then 2 nights in St. Augustine; quite possibly our last trip with Taylor for a while. !

The support raising: The first wave of cards and Facebook messages have been sent out informing folks of what we are doing and how they can join us. Now comes the part of following up on all of them. I did have one very good meeting last week and we hope for many more. So far we have raised 17% of our monthly amount and 8.5% of the start-up funds.

The faith: I (Dave) recently realized that when we sell the house and move, we will no longer have a “permanent address”.  What happens if we are home on furlough and get pulled over by the police?  I can hear it now…

Officer: Mr McKissick there is no address on this license.

Me: Yes sir. 

Officer: Why not? 

Me: Well sir, we don’t really have an address any more.

Officer: What do you mean?  You can’t “not have an address”!!!  Are you some kind of wise guy?  I’m taking you in…

Headline: Missionary arrested for not having a permanent address, wife disavows knowing him.


I know this is a minor item, but the idea of not having a “permanent address” is somewhat unnerving to me; and it addresses (no pun intended) one of the uncertainties we are facing.  This is where I must go back to the beginning of this adventure.  One of the first things I told Jo when we were originally considering this move was “I don’t want to make a decision based on circumstances.  I want to make the decision based on whether or not we believe this is what God is leading us to do.”  Well, I absolutely believe this is God’s leading (because we would have NEVER done this ourselves) and therefore I must also believe that God will take care of the details, all the way down to our “permanent address.”

Thanks for reading, more to come…