The August Report

The August Report, the highs and lows

Hello again to our faithful supporters. It is now less than 270 days until our anticipated departure and things are still progressing. Although we still have many unanswered questions, we firmly believe that God has ordained this journey and He will reveal the answers (or not) according to His perfect timing. Here is what has happened recently…

The Yard Sale
August started with our first yard sale. After 6 weeks of preparation, the signs were up and our “stuff” was on display. This was a perfect example of us not really knowing what should/would happen, but pressing forward anyway.
We had two days of perfect weather and a steady stream of people wanting to buy our stuff. This resulted in a profit that wildly exceeded our expectations and we were very thankful for that. But we still had lots of stuff leftover and it was donated to the local Habitat Resale store.

One humorous anecdote: For many years Jo has jokingly referred to my “stuff” as junk and her “stuff” as good quality items. But, at the yard sale, my stuff is what made us the most money. My tools, hunting, and golf items brought in some serious cash, while her good quality items were hauled away in the back of the donation truck because no one wanted them. One small victory for man, a giant leap for men’s “stuff.”

Taylor, thank you for keeping mom and I focused and making us do what needed to be done. We would not have done this without you.

The Leftovers
Our original plan was to have two yard sales and then store what we didn’t sell. But the price of a climate-controlled storage unit will be almost $8000. We just cannot justify spending that kind of money to store “stuff” that we don’t know if we will ever need/want again. So, as painful as this discovery was, it did give us clearer guidance on how to proceed. We are now going to sell everything that Lindsay and Taylor don’t want or don’t have room for. This also gives us (mostly me) a sense of freedom because we won’t need to worry about our “stuff” and what we will do with it in the future.

The Move Out
August 17 was a bittersweet day for us. We got to spend time with Lindsay and Caleb to celebrate Lindsay’s birthday and that was wonderful, but it was also the day Taylor moved out of our home for the last time. We knew that the things Taylor was packing into the car for college would never return to this house again. While we always knew our girls would grow up and move out, we expected it would be according to their plans and schedule. Knowing that Taylor is now being forced to move out because we are moving just didn’t seem fair to me. That morning was very difficult for me because I realized that my decision to follow Christ to Norway was not only causing me pain, but it was also causing pain to my child. But, I must trust that just as Father has a plan for Jo and I, He also has a plan for our children.

The Move In
Several weeks ago, a young lady (Kristina, 21) and her mom were walking around outside of our office trying to find the entrance. I met them and asked how I could help. Kristina said she was looking for the office of a school that meets in our building on week nights. I took her to our receptionist so she could get the number of the school. During our short conversation she said she was from the Charlotte area and that she was moving here to attend that school. She also said she was looking for a place to stay while she attended the school. One conversation led to another and on August 21 Kristina moved into our basement. She is a delightful young lady and it appears that our new relationship is very mutually beneficial for all of us.

The Visits
Jo and I recently had the opportunity to reconnect with some family and friends who we haven’t seen in many years (17 for some). It was amazing how we could sit down and start talking like we had seen each other just yesterday. We had a wonderful time of sharing memories as well as catching up on what has been happening in our respective lives. Thank you to all who made time in your schedules for us. It was truly a blessing for us.

The Support Raising
As of now Father has provided $650 of new monthly support towards our anticipated need of $2200 per month for Norway. We are thankful and blessed by those who have agreed to support us financially as well as prayerfully in this ministry that Jesus is leading us into. We also trust that according to God’s perfect timing, the remaining funds will be raised in order for us to depart as planned.