One of the joys of our recent months has been the opportunity to invite others into what God is doing in our lives. This has been especially true in the area of raising support. We have met with many people and we have had varied responses. As of this writing, we are about 85% supported and we are waiting for the final amount to come in. Even though we know that God has ordained this and therefore he will sustain it, we are still somewhat anxious about the how and when.

A few days ago I was checking our account online and I saw an entry that I wasn’t expecting to see. It was an anonymous gift for a sizable amount of money. But, more important than the amount was the method that God used to confirm to me that he really is going to provide. You see, just a few hours before I checked our account, I was praying about how impressive it would be if we got some funds “out of nowhere!”   And then it happened! God provided in a way that we never saw coming. It was almost like he was saying “I don’t have to do this, but because your faith is weak right now, I will encourage you through this.”

If you are the giver of that gift, Jo and I want to say a tremendous thank you. For everyone who has been (or will be) a regular supporter, we also say a huge thank you. And for everyone who prays for us, another thank you! Together, you make up our team of supporters. God is using you and us together to share his word, to increase his glory, and to fulfill Rev 7:9. We are honored to be part of God’s plan.

An area that has not been so joyful is the many small projects that need to be accomplished prior to the sale of our home. One of those projects recently involved our exterminator. Off and on for the past year or so, Taylor has been hearing noises in her bedroom walls. I assumed it was bats or some kind of bird, and because she was on an outside wall, I didn’t get too concerned. But, a few weeks ago, I heard the same noises in an interior wall and that caused me much concern. I called our exterminator and the verdict was bats in our attic. To me this was better than squirrels or other type vermin, but to Jo, it was awful. She informed me (as did the exterminator) that the droppings are toxic and we needed to do something about it. So, as any wise husband would do, I made my wife happy by agreeing to the exterminator’s plan of action.

We had hoped that after the first visit we would be “bat-free”, but we are still hearing noises and so the exterminator is returning for plan B. More as this story develops…

Jan 29 was our last day in the office. It was a bittersweet time of farewells and cleaning out our workspaces. The OM tradition is for the entire staff (100 +/- folks) to gather and pray over those who are departing. This was a humbling and tremendously encouraging time for us. That evening our immediate team of co-workers had a going away time for us and we were again overwhelmed with love and encouragement.

As the doors of our season at OM USA close behind us, the doors of the season before us are opening wider by the day and the final countdown has begun. The interviews for our work permits are scheduled for Feb 12 in Houston. We will put our house on the market sometime the second week of Feb and we will begin the monumental task of sorting our stuff into take, store, and trash.

Prayer points for us:

  • Decisions about the sale of the house
  • Using the remaining time to prepare mentally and spiritually for Norway
  • Establishing a new home for Taylor
  • Decisions about our dog
  • Learning the language (CDs in the car as we drive)
  • The many good-byes that will happen
  • Staying focused on the God the Father and his purposes in this journey