The End of the Beginning…

The End of the Beginning…
Approximately 18 months ago the Creator of the Universe invited Jo and me to join Him on a journey that by our standards would be of epic proportions. The only thing we knew for sure was that our heavenly Father was offering us an opportunity to follow Him into the unknown (He knew, but we surely didn’t). We didn’t have any answers to the “where, how, when, what, why, how much, how long” questions; but, with our mustard seed-like faith and our fears screaming from the inside we said “yes.” Then we started putting one foot in front of the other and following the path that the Holy Spirit illuminated for us each day.
Those steps have caused us to rejoice, praise, cry, laugh, cry again, pray, worship, and be always and completely amazed. We have felt disappointment, discouragement, elation, humility, fear, sadness, and anxiety, but in the midst of all these emotions, we have always felt the hand and the peace of God upon us.
With the end of the beginning in sight and most of our questions answered, I can reflect on the journey thus far and honestly report that God has done immeasurably more than all we have asked or imagined. In full disclosure, I confess that although I knew God could do this, I didn’t know if He would do it. I kept looking at the overwhelming obstacles that needed to be solved and I didn’t see how it could work, and I was correct! In our human power there is absolutely no way we could have orchestrated and accomplished what has happened so far. But when almighty God declares that something will happen, it happens!
May the name of Jesus be high and lifted up!

Here is a short list of the ways we have been blessed over the past 2 months:
• We enjoyed a week’s sabbatical of rest, relaxation, and reflection on a cruise.
• Within 11 days of being listed on the MLS, we had 3 offers on our house.
• We are under contract at $900 off of our asking price.
• Closing is scheduled for April 21 and they gave us 9 extra days to vacate the house.
• OM has an apartment on property (where we work) that we can stay in after we close.
• Taylor found an apartment that we are all happy with and it is under budget.
• We have been told to expect a response on our visas this week (a month early).
• Airfare to Norway has been purchased. This also was under budget.
• We have started learning Norwegian and although Jo is picking it up faster than I am; it hasn’t been as difficult as we thought it would be.
• Jo was able to attend a training conference in Belgium that will help prepare her for her new role.
• We have temporary housing set up in Norway that will be better and cheaper than we expected.

Here is a list of the items we are still walking towards:
• House appraisal – must be high enough to meet the sales price
• Deciding what to take, store, and sell
• Saying good-bye to our home of 18 years and the life that was associated with it
• Possibly making end-of-life decision for our dog (13 years old)
• Saying good-bye to our children.
• Adjusting to the new normal of life in Norway.

I hope to post another update before we depart. In the meantime, would you please intercede on our behalf concerning the 6 items on the second list?

Thank you each for standing with us and may you be blessed because of your blessing.

With much love and appreciation,
Dave and Jo