This is the day which the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118:24

I have been meditating on this verse for over a week now…

A few mornings ago I was sitting on our deck about 250 yards from the sea enjoying my coffee and watching the boats go about their business. It was 60-65F, overcast, and calm wind. It was a perfect time for me; early morning, outside, and enjoying God’s creations; both the view and the coffee. It was easy to “rejoice and be glad” that morning because everything was perfect. But I wondered how I would respond when the day doesn’t go perfectly? That would be the true measure of my faith and obedience to God’s word.

The very next day when I got up, the view was completely gone. There was a thick fog blocking everything and my wonderful view was missing. And, the fog also ruined my planned bike ride. This day was not so perfect.

But, even though I couldn’t see the same things as yesterday I still knew they were there. Just because the fog was blocking my view didn’t mean the sea and the boats no longer existed, it just meant they were temporarily out of sight.

The fog actually helped clarify Psalm 118:24 to me. Whether I “see” a good day or not God desires that I rejoice and am glad in the day that He has made. Not because of how the day turns out, but solely because God created the day. Regardless of what the day brings, I please God when I rejoice and am glad that He is the giver of the day and that He has ordained/allowed everything in that day to happen. I can choose to submit myself to God’s sovereignty in my life and praise Him regardless of the situation, or I can choose to whine and complain because this isn’t what I planned. One is glorifying to God, the other is not.

As I write this, I have two dear Brothers in Christ who are experiencing the world of cancer. One is living it himself and the other is watching his wife live it. I’m sure that not too long ago, each of them woke up one morning and said “this is a perfect day,” and then they heard the doctor say the “C” word.

These two men are heroes to me because in spite of their situations, they choose to praise the Father. Not just when life is going well, but also when life doesn’t turn out like they had planned. They could have chosen to look at the cancer and say, there is no God or how could a loving God allow this to happen to me. But instead, they have chosen to say “because God has created this day, I will praise His name and accept what He allows.” Whether it is a beautiful day or a foggy day, they praise the name of the Father.

When God’s word seems unrealistic or contrary to my human thinking, it doesn’t mean those words are no longer valid or that I no longer need to follow them. It simply means that I must follow them by faith. And if the God who placed the sun and the moon in the sky desires me to praise Him even when life doesn’t turn out like I planned, then I will praise Him. I will praise Him because He is worthy of my praise.

As I complete this writing the sun is out and I can see the water and the boats again. But, I can hear the Holy Spirit telling me, “Dave, trust me, not
what you can see!”

May the words of my mouth, the works of my hands, and the attitudes of my heart, bring praise, glory, and honor to the one and only Jehovah God, regardless of my situation.