The days are getting much shorter and the temperatures are dropping. Fresh snow has been falling in the higher mountains and it’s time to wear sweaters and heavier coats. The change of seasons here is very enjoyable and in one way it helps to track the passage of time. It seems like just a few days ago we were enjoying our first Norwegian summer and now it’s time for our second winter. As we rapidly approach the half-way point of our initial commitment in Norway, I believe an appropriate title for this edition is “Finally…!!!” First I’ll wrap up the past few months and then look at the ones to come…

July, August, and September have been a blur. We started our second year much the same way we did the first, attending week-long camps for 2 different denominations, then travelling with a bus load of teens and coaches to Germany for OM Europe’s Teen Street conference. We were only able to return home between these events to do laundry, re-pack and hit the road again. In August, Jo travelled to the Netherlands to accompany 3 Norwegians as they officially joined OM and set off for their adventure onboard our ship, Logos Hope. In September, she traveled to Hungary where she met with other Short Term Coordinators. The purpose is to learn from them as they share their experiences with short-term missions. (spoiler alert: this will be very important for her next summer).

In November, I travel to Montenegro for OM’s European Leaders Meeting. This is where all the field/ministry leaders from the European offices gather to discuss current business as well as ministry opportunities in the region. I will be filling in for our leaders who are anticipating the birth of a baby at that time. I have also had several speaking opportunities at churches and am very hopeful of future partnerships with them.

Another news worthy item, Jo and I have both taken on additional roles in the office. In addition to Personnel Officer and Member Care, Jo is now the Training Officer. This means she will be responsible for ensuring the creation and implementation of all training that OM Norway offers (spoiler alert; this will also be important very soon).

In addition to my primary role as Director of Church Relations, I have taken on the new role of Ministry Development. This gives me the opportunity and responsibility to envision and implement the new ministries that OM Norway will be engaged in, as well as initiate the growth of current ministries. (another spoiler alert, keep reading.)

It appears that the efforts of OM Norway are about to bear the fruit we have been praying for, and some of these things might actually start to happen soon; well, in 2017 anyway.

Here is what I mean…

Finally, we have churches who want to participate in short-term mission (STM) teams outside of Norway.
Our ultimate goal is still raising up and sending Norwegians out as long-term missionaries. But, unfortunately, that is not something the average Norwegian Christian sees as a need or possibility. Therefore, we must modify our strategy and help them take the initial steps of short-term missions (STM) in order to expose them to the needs and the possibilities around the globe. Hopefully, this will ignite a passion in them that will fuel a life-long engagement in missions. At this time, we have 4 churches who are planning to participate in STM in 2017. This is a major breakthrough for our team which will require much work, but the benefit to the local churches will be enormous.

Finally, we have churches who want to bring short-term mission teams into Norway.
Another way of helping churches see the opportunity for long-term engagement in missions is for them to host a STM team. That means we (OM Norway) will recruit a team of people from our other OM offices and then bring that team to Norway where they will assist a church in their effort to minister to their local community. This is another major breakthrough for us and will also require much effort next summer.

Finally, we have a plan for long-term ministry in Norway.
The first two items are enough to make us jump for joy, but this is something we hope will put OM Norway “on the map!” Here is how it started. This summer I was visiting a very small church and I was asking God “what can OM offer this church?” I realized that every church needs 2 things; money and people. We (OM) don’t have any money, but we do have (we can recruit) people. We can offer the churches people who will serve in the church. What church would say “no” to that?!?!
Our office in Ireland has been very successful at providing “interns” for their partner-churches for about 8 years. We hope to copy their program and do the same for churches in Norway.
The plan is to recruit 18-25 year olds from other countries through our OM network. They will cover all of their own expenses and commit to serve here for one year. They will serve under the leadership of the local church in the role that the church needs the most. Most likely, they will be youth workers or worship leaders, but each church will tell us exactly what they need and we will try to find people with those skills. This is a great opportunity for the church to get a “free” worker for a year, and also a great opportunity for the intern to get experience in international ministry.
We hope to start this ministry with 3 churches next fall and then expand as we are able. This ministry will eventually require several more workers in our office to oversee it which is another goal to achieve.

This is exactly the kind of news we have been hoping to report for a long time. We feel honored to be part of these ground-breaking events and we look forward to even more in the future. May God receive all the glory for this.

Oh, and one more…

Finally, we have a plan for returning to the US, at least temporarily. In March 2017, we will return for a 30-day furlough. This will be a time where we “unplug” and “recharge.” We hope to spend this time quietly seeking God’s guidance for what we are to do next, extend in Norway, return to the US, or is there something else? When we come back in April ’17 we will have just over a year left in our initial commitment and we feel we should be prepared to inform our leadership of our intentions at that time.

Prayer List
I have enrolled in a different language class and enjoy it much more than the first one.
Jo is getting better at driving and will hopefully pass her test in a few more weeks.
Lindsay/Caleb and Taylor will visit us in December.
Many ministry events will happen in 2017.

The ministry events mentioned earlier in this letter will require massive amounts of planning, preparation, coordination, and travel. Currently we do not have the resources needed to make it all happen.

A vehicle for our furlough. A friend has blessed us with a cabin in North Georgia (half way between Lindsay and Taylor) for our time in the states. If anyone has a car we can use during that time (March 27-April 30) that would be wonderful.

Thank you for reading and following our lives in Norway and please continue to pray for us and the ministry of OM. We realize that your support and prayers make it possible for us to serve in this capacity and we are still very convinced that we are where we are supposed to be and doing what we are supposed to be doing.

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May you be blessed…
Dave and Jo